“About goddamn time you come!”

Tobias had arrived to the BBQ, Abby’s sister was always yelling at everyone, her sister was standing by her along girl, Brittani, she had been Abby’s best friend since the sisters had lost both their parents.

“Sorry I’m late, I had to pick up my brother, Todd, he’s coming with his girlfriend”

“She’s not my girlfriend!”

Todd came in with another girl he had meet months ago, her name was Marzia Ferretti, they had met in school

“Well, they can go to the living room and watch some movies with Rory, he’s been waiting for you, he’s so nice”

“Rory? Didn’t he had to do this night’s round…”

“Addy! Gurl, you look sooo hawt! Hasn’t anyone told ya?”

“Well, looks like you haven’t changed at all, Blake, you shouldn’t drink too much”

Blake had always been a stubborn guy, with his funny mannerisms and flirting with every single girl he saw but he was very rude.

“God… Addy, you’re so damn sexy today…”

Living room

Marzia was cuddling with Todd, they were hugging and giggling while Todd’s brother came in

“Rory! Didn’t you had to do a round?”

“Yeah, had is the keyword, some new employee decided to take my place for tonight, I think his name was Owen, I’ve seen him in the house too”

“Owen? He’s a good friend of mine, anyways, I’ve never seen Addy’s sister, she’s so pretty”

“Really? She did a change after having been dumped by Jo”

“Jo who?”

“Jo Calderone, that a·-·:-*”

Abby was weeping yet she was calm and angry

“Do you need a hug?”


Abby was just sobbing on his shoulders, they both felta cozy feeling in their hearts as a blond girl with long hair came in, her name was Carly, she was a good friend of Abby, Addy and Brittani

“Guys, sorry to interrupt but Harley just told me dinner’s ready, you kinda should come, who’s that guy hugging you, wait… Oh my! Is that really you?”

“Yeah, me, so is my brother here”

“Oh mai gawd, he’s so cute!”


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