Visiting Marsh Corps

CAbby was on her hotel room, she had been sleeping for hours, Tobias had left earlier on the morning, she peeked outside, a beautiful coastline standed towards her, she smelled the sea breeze and layed back on her bed.

“Do you think you could get away this easily?”

“Who’s on there?”

“Don’t you recognize me?”

“Who are you!”

“Abby… You will go back as a punishment”

Abby was suddenly on a corridor, there were no windows, just a door far from her and some at the left side,  there was a terrible smell, it was like oil, only stronger and it hurt her.

“Hello? Anyone here?”

There were some voices on the distance, a man and a woman, they seemed worried.

“Can you hear me?”

“Run for your life! You won’t make it if you stay here!” It was a man, his voiced reminded Abby of the one earlier”


“This building is about to explode, the explosion will happen on our room, don’t try saving us, you’ll die”


“Just run with the children on the upper basement! They are our daugthers! Save them and run!”

“Tell the police to let them live in the Smith’s manor! I’m Dan Marsh, tell them it’s my will, now, RUN!

Abby knew that name, she couldn’t believe it, but she had to run now

She was on the stairs, she had to find three girls, and she found a guard

“Hey miss! You can’t go through here! You need to be authorized!”

“Oh, my authorization?” (Think fast! I need to get the girls soon!) “How dare you ask for it to me! I’m April Marsh! Mister Dan’s wife! Now let me pass or I will fire you before you can say anything!”

“She’s with me! Let her come with me!”

She turned her back, it was Rory! How did he even get here?


“Just how…!”

“I don’t know either, I just found myself here and I was hired for no reason by a man”

“Where are we?”

“We’re on October 8th, 1995, we seem to have travelled through time, I don’t know how I even got here either, I was with a friend and I was on the office on the next floor!”

“But… Just, what’s going to happen!”

“I found also, newspapers, from next week from now, you won’t like them”

“Let me see”


“After the explosion on Marsh Corps (8/8, 16:49) , not a single survivor was found within the building, four girls (The tycoon’s daughters) were found on the playground outside”

“It can’t be! We’ve only got twenty minutes left!”

I know! Let’s look for the girls!”

There were only five minutes left and they couldn’t find any safe zones, Rory had sedated the girls

“Where’s the playground!…”

“It’s over there! Run!”

Abby was panicking, she was afraid anyone would die

“It’s about to explode, I don’t know what could we do, stuck on now…”

“But… I don’t want to live here… I love Tobias, we were going to have children, I had so many plans for us…”

The building exploded, Abby woke up on her room, she had never been as scared as she had been, seen the past, Rory made no sense, why was he there at all?

“You woke up? When I came back you were still asleep”

“Was I?”

“Yes, you were sweating and crying, I was so scared for you”

“I had a horrible nightmare, I dreamt up I was on a place that was going to explode”

“It’s okay now”


Character Bios

Abby Marsh

Stubborn, kind, misses her parents, (April and Dan Marsh, researchers at Spring Valley) elder sister of three, Addison and Amelia, the major’s secretary.

Addison Marsh

Not nearly as nice as her sister, passionate and rash, clothing line designer, almost died when her parents did in the Spring Valley Explosion, dyed her hair pink when trying to go for ginger.

Mila Mere

Kind and caring, Airplane Pilot, suffers of OCD and is very obsessive.

Carly Jensen

Sister of  Valerie and Ashton Jensen, she’s the middle one, hates bad jokes and ugly things, valley girl, addict to Twitter, writes sensationalist press on her own website: “” under the pseudonym Carol-Anne, Airline hostess.

Blake Sanders

Rude, drinks a little, his girlfriend is Petunia, he is very, very stubborn, can’t share anything, at all.

Brittani Allison

Hot-Headed, Red-Headed, Abby’s adoptive sister,she doesn’t mind for little details, cheerful and jolly-

Petunia Summers

Waitress at her dad’s restaurant far away, in the crossroads between Green Valley and Beauview

David Smith

Library owner, in love with Eliza Schwartz, hates her sister’s boyfriend, who is Eliza’s brother, Rory Schwartz

Owen Shaw

Carly’s crush, works at the hospital along Tobias and Rory, rash, timid.

Taylor Smith

David’s sister, shy and nice, she works in the library along her brother, loves her brother’s girlfriend’s brother, Rory Schwartz.

Nicky Wilkerson

Rash, passionate, biker and sells bikes, David’s best friend.

Rory Arthur

Nice and caring, Tobias’ best friend, drives like crazy, naive.

Damien Arthur

Mean, used to bully his younger brother, hates tidying his apartment, ironically, Rory is always paying the rent and he says it’s his.

Marzia Ferretti

Silly and cheerful, she’s Todd’s current girlfriend, ginger and jolly.

Tobías Thomson

Nice, had problems getting over his ex: Christine Stevens, curious and overprotective of his family.

Todd Thomson

Hates gossip because everyone says he’s with a girl, respects everyone and everyone likes and enjoys him.

Harley Gordon

Chef, specializes in meat and soups, “Summertime” cafe owner, athletic, clever.


“Please! We’re trying to be you know…”
“So, you’re not that kinda boy to accept a compliment? Who knows why she’s with you , like, you are mean!”
Carly had a cold and sharp mouth along her blond hair, she left in a hurry.
“I don’t know if she talked of me!”
“Ha ha! Now that’s funny! Carly’s usually nice, but if you screw up with her, you’re screwed”
Out in a rush, Nicky, who was sitting there a while ago, he jumped out of the couch and tackled Abby, she almost fell when…
“Please tell me my brother didn’t just kiss her”

Marzia just made a smile and replied

“Well, looks like you got yourself a sister”

In the dining room, there was a lot of people, Abby introduced everyone

“This is Mila, she’s a plane pilot, Carly, you already meet her, Blake is over there with his girlfriend, Petunia, the guy with glasses and a girl next to him is David Smith and his sis. Taylor, Nicky’s watching TV next to Rory, and the one who’s serving the plates is Harley, he’s the best chef ever”

“All served!”

“So, Marzia, do you think they’ll hook up?”

“I’d say, Addison should be with him, Abby was rejected not long ago, right? Jo will not like it, see the guy over there? The one who works with your brother? He told me Jo was very aggressive


“About goddamn time you come!”

Tobias had arrived to the BBQ, Abby’s sister was always yelling at everyone, her sister was standing by her along girl, Brittani, she had been Abby’s best friend since the sisters had lost both their parents.

“Sorry I’m late, I had to pick up my brother, Todd, he’s coming with his girlfriend”

“She’s not my girlfriend!”

Todd came in with another girl he had meet months ago, her name was Marzia Ferretti, they had met in school

“Well, they can go to the living room and watch some movies with Rory, he’s been waiting for you, he’s so nice”

“Rory? Didn’t he had to do this night’s round…”

“Addy! Gurl, you look sooo hawt! Hasn’t anyone told ya?”

“Well, looks like you haven’t changed at all, Blake, you shouldn’t drink too much”

Blake had always been a stubborn guy, with his funny mannerisms and flirting with every single girl he saw but he was very rude.

“God… Addy, you’re so damn sexy today…”

Living room

Marzia was cuddling with Todd, they were hugging and giggling while Todd’s brother came in

“Rory! Didn’t you had to do a round?”

“Yeah, had is the keyword, some new employee decided to take my place for tonight, I think his name was Owen, I’ve seen him in the house too”

“Owen? He’s a good friend of mine, anyways, I’ve never seen Addy’s sister, she’s so pretty”

“Really? She did a change after having been dumped by Jo”

“Jo who?”

“Jo Calderone, that a·-·:-*”

Abby was weeping yet she was calm and angry

“Do you need a hug?”


Abby was just sobbing on his shoulders, they both felta cozy feeling in their hearts as a blond girl with long hair came in, her name was Carly, she was a good friend of Abby, Addy and Brittani

“Guys, sorry to interrupt but Harley just told me dinner’s ready, you kinda should come, who’s that guy hugging you, wait… Oh my! Is that really you?”

“Yeah, me, so is my brother here”

“Oh mai gawd, he’s so cute!”

Marsh Corporation

Abby was sitting on her room, she was chilling, Tobias had married her one week ago, the coastline was perfect, they married on the cliffs, she remembered it, so ideal, her dream wedding.

“Abigail Marsh, do you want to marry Tobias Thomson?”

“I do”

“And you, Tobias Thomson, do you want to marry Abigail Marsh?”

“I do!”

“Thus, I declare you, husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”

Carly just yelled like crazy, Owen was hugging her, she was still screaming, Owen was silent, he wore a fancy tux, while Carly wore her white dress with a cute hat, she cheered for Abby.

“Well, now we’re all here, I’d like to ask you something, Carly”

“I do!”

“You do want to clean this up?”1

“What! Weren’t you going to ask me for marriage”

“Of courses I was going to ask you! I love you Carly!”

Abby closed her eyes, she was remembering it all so well, then she turned her back, there was nothing left of her room…

She tried to exit the room, she couldn’t.

The windows were just not there at all, the door was made of steel with a small window on it, she wasn’t able to peek on it, it was foggy and warm, she just had two options, to die there because of starvation.

Or try to get out there with brute force and find out what was going on.

“Well, I’ve got someone to protect, I won’t allow anything to get in our way”

She slammed the door, the air was freaky, breathing was tough, she was choking, she tried to go for an exit, stairs, or windows, anything that could get her out.

“Papa? Where are you? Mama!”

“Where are they? I’m scary!”

“Bubu they c0me now!”


“I’m not your mother, but I have to get you out”

“Take us to mama!”

There were three little girls, twins, all of them had brown hair with small little blue dresses.

“Why are you wearing white dressing?”

“Because I’m in love with someone, becuse I adore my someone more than anything”

When she got out, there wasn’t anyone, just a few men and a woman, she had been through hell now, she needed to know how she got there, who were they, and where to find their parents.

“My little girls!”

“Where are our parents?”

“Look, I have bad news”

“Are they asleep?”

“And they’re very sleepy, so I don’t know when they’ll wake up, and if they will is something I don’t know”

“Abby, we’ll sleep at uncle Sully’s home!”


“Why can’t they see us?” The woman in blue was despairing

“I’m sorry lady, but you forgot you died”

“We didn’t! We got out!”

“Sir, you choked on the gas, please, think harder”

“Wait… Aren’t you…!”


“Where am I?”


“Young lady, you better listen to me!”